Are you an agency or freelancer struggling to maintain profit margins in a world of falling budgets, especially for web projects? You aren’t alone. So many of our agency and freelancer clients have seen budgets cut, but with no less a demand for quality.


You don’t have to hand-tailor every suit or dress you buy, and sometimes off-the-rack just isn’t what you are looking for. That is where made-to-measure is useful; the garment is pre-made, thus cheaper, but it is then fitted to you uniquely. Made to Measure brings that thinking to web design and development.

Made to Measure allows you to easily download our wireframed modules (into Sketch, XD or Figma) and then create your own bespoke designs on top of them. In development all we have to do is customise our existing modules to fit your designs, significantly bringing down our costs and allowing us to pass on significant savings.

And of course, if your client needs a completely bespoke module or piece of functionality, we can quote for that separately – still keeping costs down.


Made to Measure is built on top of Gutenberg, the modular builder designed for and by WordPress. Moving from templated designs to modules can be a real game changer:


More flexibility for the end client – no need to bother you if they want to add a new section to their About page, they can do it all themselves in the WordPress back-end


Easier management of alerts and updates – again, no need for the client to bother you if they need to add a Covid-19 update, announce opening hours, add special offers; they can reorganise and add modules to create prominent information areas


Cheaper and quicker ongoing development – if the client needs a new module, it is so much quicker and cheaper to design, develop and add a single module than to try and tweak an existing template.


Open-source – we hope you’ll love working with us but if there are any issues, WordPress and Gutenberg is fully open-source and you can easily find another developer or agency to help you maintain your sites


Fully Bespoke

8 template/12 module website

£3500-4000 + VAT

Made to Measure

12 module website

£1800-2400 +VAT

We will give you a unique quote for each project, with the price depending on the number of modules required, whether any bespoke modules are required and whether any advanced WordPress functionality is required (such as e-commerce or members areas).

However based off our typical work, we anticipate 40% savings from our fully bespoke builds


If you want to check out our library of modules, it is totally free for all branding, creative and communications agencies and freelancers. We just need to verify you first. Do fill out the form here to start the process.

If you have any questions as well, do get in touch with Ben Lattimore, the founder of Lattimore and Friends, here:


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